Yvonne Ryding Body Oil


Like a deep conditioner for the skin. 100% absorbent oil enriched with natural carotenes and Vitamin E. Avocado, canola seed, and lavender oil protect, nourish, and soften the skin. Evening primrose oil with a rebuilding and stimulating effect. Free from parabens.

Contents                                                              Description


Arachis Hypogea                                    Peanut oil


 BHA                                                       Antioxidant that prevents oils from becoming rancid.


BHT                                                        Antioxidant


Brassica Comprestris Oleifera Oil          Rapeseed oil


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride                   Vegetable-based ester oil that moisturizes and replenishes skin oils


Citric Acid                                             Citric acid, used to adjust pH


Coumarin                                              Perfume ingredient from natural essential oil


Cylcomethicone                                   Silicone oil. Extracted from SiO2 (sand). Protects against dry skin without clogging pores in the way in the way that e.g. paraffin oil does.


Elaeis guineesis                                   Golden Palm Oil


Geraniol                                               A lemon-scented terpene alcohol that is isolated from essential oils and used as a scent.


Lavandula Angustifolia                        Lavender extract with healing and caring properties.


Limonene                                            Perfume ingredient from natural essential oil


Linalool                                               Perfume ingredient from natural essential oil


Oenothera Biennis                              Evening Primrose Oil


Parfum                                                scents


Persea Gratissima                              Avocado oil


PPG-20 Methyl Glucose                     Sugar extracted from maize


Ether Propyl Gallate                           Antioxidant that protects oils


Tocopheryl Acetate                            Vitamin E, antioxidant




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